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                您的位置:首页 » 关于善禾 > 善禾简介


                  加拿大28官网开奖是一家致力于建筑装饰解决方案的专业制造商和服务商,公司总部位于中国-广州,主要从事建筑金属幕墙、金属天花、建筑遮阳、抗菌吊顶、节能环保》产品的研发、生产、销售、施工等业务。公司旗下著名品∮牌有善禾建材、帝博DIBO等。 是中国大陆最早生产金属天花幕墙的企业之一。

                  善禾不断改革创新,打破传统销售模式,充分利用互联网+实体 的全新模式,打造了一支活力澎湃的营销和售后服务团队,销售网络遍布全国,产品远销东南亚及欧美地区。在激烈的市场环境中,善禾积极进取,勇≡于迎接市场的挑战,在不断提高产品质量的同时,还在产品造◥型、色彩等方面不断推陈出新。我们不仅是现代建筑的装饰者,更是艺术建筑的搬运工。   

                Data specification

                 Enterprise culture:

                  To create beauty with harmony, to win with good faith, learn with a open-mind and enhance the brand value.

                Enterprise introduction:

                  Shanhe Building Material Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and service provider, which specializes in building decoration. Located in Guangzhou city, our company are experts in developing, manufacturing, selling and instillation of aluminum solid panel, metal curtain wall and metal false ceiling. We are one of the earliest enterprises in manufacturing metal curtain wall and metal false ceiling and own two famous brands: Shanhe and Dibo.

                  Recent years, Shanhe continuously innovative and break the traditional sales model. With the guidance of entire new sales model, we have created a energetic market and after-service team and our sales network proliferates the whole nation. Besides, our products are exported to south-east Asia, Europe and America, is a fix-pointed national exported enterprises. In the furious market environment, we are aggressive and have courage to face the challenge. At the same time we improve the quality of our product, we also innovate the shaping and color. We are not only the decorator of modern architecture, but also the porter of art building.